Terms and rules

Welcome to Dating13.com! Please get yourself familiar with our Website Rules.
  1. Dating13.com is an international dating website. Please do not use it for any other purposes, such as advertisements, financial gains(inclu. means through which financial aids are achieved), scams and et cetera.
  2. In order to get free access to our chat services and be able to send text messages to other members, you will have to confirm your own numbers by SMS we send you beforehand. This SMS is at no cost to you.
  3. Profiles of members who have not yet been confirmed through their own numbers within 3 days may be removed from the website.
  4. You must not post on the website any advertisements, hyperlinks, any information which may compromise or insult any other people or breach the legislations(for example, swearing, pornography, discrimination of any groups of people, etc.). You must also not criticise any actions undertaken by the administrators of the website.
  5. You must not specify a phone number in the description box and/or in the place where you are supposed to put your names, in the event that the phone number itself has not yet been confirmed by the administrators of the website.
  6. Any information you post on the website must not contain any confidential information about yourself or others. And you are entirely responsible for any information you post on the website and its legal consequences.
  7. If your profile meets the requirements of current terms and conditions, it will be published. But please beware that the website administrators may refuse to publish your profiles without specifying the reasons.
  8. Website administrators retain the right to fix up some grammar and/or orpho mistakes in the profiles.
  9. Upon successful registration on the website, you confirm automatically that you agree to get SMS from our website.
  10. Please be aware that we use cookies on the website for your own convenience.
  11. You must guarantee that the mobile phone numbers you are registered with belong to you entirely; thus you take the full responsibility for all consequences of publication of your profiles on the website. And the website administration will then proceed to save and process the information you have provided us.
  12. Our website administrators are exempt from any type of detrimental consequences or legal responsibilities that may result from one using our services incorrectly by himself.
  13. Website administrators may change the current terms without warning the users of the website(information that are not against our current terms and conditions and are beneficial to both parties of the website).
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